Add-on IoT system – collect data into the cloud for accurate processing

  • Unique end-to-end TOiP System Architecture
  • Open source software components
  • No lock-in with cloud
  • Flexibility – system meets your exact needs
  • Analytics and Machine Learning add intelligence
Toip Smart Edge


TOiP Smart Edge

Tailor-made local processing and analytics solution

  • Local, industrial grade edge processing
  • Industrial sensors

TOiP Data Hub

Scalable automation processing and cloud analytics solution

  • IoT suite for automation data processing in cloud
  • Open solution

Fleet Management

Included in all TOiP solutions for scalability

  • Remote software management and updates

Secure IoT Gateway

Included in all TOiP solutions for security

  • Smart data connections for secure industrial automation


Toip Smart Edge Paper

Paper Machines

Listening overall performance with focus on critical parts.

Preventive maintenance and operational data.

Toip Smart Edge Hydro

Hydro and other Power Plants

Unmanned power plant sites are mostly followed by temperature and vibration. Audio brings an additional “sense”, reacting immediately and predicting the timing for forthcoming maintenance needs.

Heavy Industry Machinery

Machinery is often unmanned due to e.g. high noise or temperatures.

TOiP system listens and warns on anomalies or wear.

Toip Smart Edge Bearings


Ultra sound component appears as a first symptom and vibration develops later.

Toip Smart Edge windmills

Wind Mills

Mills can be expensive to maintain as they are often in hard to reach locations.

TOiP system can give an early warning on things going wrong.