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Toip Smart Edge


TOiP Oy provides industrial customers with end-to-end IoT systems. It’s a highly complex undertaking to seamlessly bring together all the pieces that are needed to turn measurement data into business benefits. 

People at TOiP have been building data driven systems for businesses for several years and understand both the technical details and business needs of customers.
We’re building our customers systems based on open source software components, local edge processing and cloud based machine learning used e.g. in our audio based preventive maintenance solutions. We use both COTS and tailored HW in our solutions.
To meet the various needs of customers, we offer high level expertise in both proprietary and open source software solutions. We see that their coexistence promotes innovation in IoT solution development, also offering a possibility to avoid costly lock-in.
We have extremely high technology competence and great drive to perform and thus our solutions bring significant value to our customers.

Turning precise, time stamped on-line measurement data into better Business Performance

Optimize processes and maintenance

New data for optimal decisions

Connect equipment and services to your home base

Collect data and enable big data mining