Products and Services - IoT

We build, develop and deploy  smart, connected industrial solutions based on sensor analytics. A principal goal of sensor analytics have been to detect various anomalies. The perception that is gained by examining deviations from a point of reference can have many uses, in our case e.g. predicting and proactively preventing equipment failures in a manufacturing plant. Much additional value can also be derived from optimization.

Our systems enable various data sources to be integrated into the cloud systems. The sources can range from battery operated embedded sensors to large process automation systems. Safety and security covering seamlessly every point of data collecting is of highest importance. Our integrated software and hardware components comply with the highest industry standards.

Using real-time data to predict and prevent breakdowns can significantly reduce downtime.

Toip cloud & OSS based preventive maintenance solution

No vendor lock in

Signal processing

Tailored audio algorithms

Cloud based learning

Local edge processing

Digital/Audio sensors

Easy to retrofit